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Brandon Furniss



Artist's Statement:

For the past few years I have been experimenting with shape, form, color, and
texture both on small sculptural pieces and on larger rock like structures that I playfully
call "totters".   I hand build almost everything using coils, this gives me control but
allows me to be spontaneous with the form.  Both my clay body and glazes are formulated
for cone 04 reduction, and I have been working with glazes for some time now and
have developed a very diverse pallet.  Experimentation is a large part of my art, using my
forms as canvases to apply my glazes.  Most of my glazes are dry and textural and I also
use many slips and stains, trying to choose finishes that enhance the form.  I like simple
expressive surfaces on basic organic shapes, and in many of my pieces I will incorporate
technique into the form.  Using exposed coils along with scraped surfaces, leaving not
only the mark of the hand but also the tool. 
Brandon F. Furniss